VRT to broadcast Koppen investigation into grooming on Wednesday evening

VRT (Flemish-language public service broadcaster) will finally broadcast its investigation into grooming which was the subject of legal proceedings, as part of its “Koppen” programme, on Wednesday evening. A court overturned the summary decision in the meantime so the programme will be shown, one week later, reveals the public broadcaster at midday on Wednesday.

VRT cancelled the broadcasting of a programme focussing on the dangers of social media, including grooming, one week ago, after a father complained because the fictitious name of a mock Facebook profile used for the occasion was too similar to his son’s name. The presiding judge of a Brussels tribunal gave a summary ruling in favour of the plaintiff and sentenced the broadcaster to pay 10,000 euros every time the name was mentioned.

Another judge decided in the meantime that freedom of the press and the prohibition of censorship were more important, given that the investigation created a purely fictitious character and there could be no confusion with a real person.

Grooming is a method used by paedophiles, where adults create fake online identities of children in order to gain the trust of other children. 

(Source: Belga)

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