Ecolo demands Health Committee be convened to discuss VEVIBA

Ecolo demands Health Committee be convened to discuss VEVIBA
Muriel Gerkens wants a parliamentary Health Committee meeting, to assess the extent of the VEVIBA product health concerns.

The federal deputy, Muriel Gerkens (Ecolo), is requesting that the federal Minister for Agriculture, Denis Ducarme (MR), convenes the parliamentary Health Committee, of which she is President. She indicated on Friday, to the Belga press agency, that she wants the committee to discuss the health risks linked to the loss of approvals by the company VEVIBA. Muriel Gerkens would like the Federal Agency for Food Chain Safety (AFSCA) to provide information on the products affected, in response to consumer concerns.

The VEVIBA approvals were withdrawn for a meat cutting plant and an industrial deep freeze, located in Bastogne. A search conducted by an investigating judge revealed offences were committed, some of which pose a health risk.

In particular Muriel Gerkens is demanding further information around the scope of the fraud committed and the products affected. She added, “I do not wish to revive a second Fipronil scandal. However, it is important to provide all relevant information to the consumer, who will ask questions when doing their shopping this weekend.” She went on, “I will contact Minister Ducarme to convene a parliamentary Health Committee meeting, so as to both assess the scope of this matter and to set up monitoring systems.”

The Ecolo deputy wanted to convene the committee as of today.

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