Federal public servants strike: “Won’t be the only strike”

Federal public servants strike: “Won’t be the only strike”

The socialist union ACOD (CGSP) will also go on strike in the federal services next 30 April. According to ACOD Public Services secretary, Gino Hoppe, the day of 30 April will not be the end of the actions. “It won’t be the only strike. There is complete disrespect for public servants,” he says.

The CSC announced the strike Thursday, which surprised the socialist union. “We were going to make the announcement after the Easter break; which is what had been decided,” explains Mr. Hoppe. “We decided on this action three weeks ago.”

Mr. Hoppe finds it to be a bit odd that the CSC should communicate and “does not exclude other unions” from the action.

For the socialist union, the message is the same: Minister Steven Vandeput is following “a bad policy,” and “shows no respect for public servants.” There will be strikes in several federal public services, “from the ONEM to income tax offices.” The railways and Bpost are not concerned by the movement.

The choice of 30 April was criticized by some, who stress that the unions will bridge the weekend and 1 May. “It is always like that. If we go on strike on Friday, we are told that it is so we have a long weekend. If we go on strike on Wednesday, it is because schools are closed in the afternoon. If public servants were respected, we would not be going on strike,” he concluded.

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