Health warning on “Amor” chocolate hearts made by Cupido brand

The Federal Agency for Food Chain Safety (the “AFSCA”) has communicated a warning in relation to the praline-flavoured chocolate product “Amor” made by the brand Cupido. The discovery follows a quality control check by a supplier, which has revealed a health issue. The product concerned was distributed by the company Hamlet, specifically via the NORA points of sale, in Rue de l'Étuve in Brussels, and the Chocolaterie de Burg in Bruges.

The AFSCA has noted the presence of fatty acids and believes that the consumption of this product represents a long-term risk to health. The batch concerned is lot 92275, with an expiry date of 17 July 2019. The AFSCA’s recommendation is to report the product in question to the point of sale where it was purchased, and to obtain a full refund.

The Brussels Times

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