Few Belgian mosques publish their financial accounts

Few Belgian mosques publish their financial accounts
The Great Mosque of Brussels is one of the major culprits in terms of not publishing accounts.

Charity sector organisations, including mosques, are required by law to deposit their accounts at the Commercial Court Registry. On Friday, the Sudpresse publications are reporting however that very few of the Walloon and Brussels mosque charities fulfil this statutory obligation.

Sudpresse has noted that the file for the Great Mosque of Brussels (Grand Mosque) does not include any accounts filed with the Brussels Commercial Court Registry.

Sudpresse went on to check the status of other mosques in Wallonia and Brussels, using the list of mosques acknowledged by the Muslim Executive of Belgium, and the registry numbers filed with the National Bank of Belgium.

Of the twenty or so Brussels mosques and religious organizations, 13 have accounts records. The others have produced none, in particular the mosques Al Moutaquine, Attadamoun and Badr de Molenbeek. In respect of the 13 “model pupils”, in many cases, they have no annual accounts on public record.

The federal deputy, Georges Dallemagne, of the Christian Democratic French-speaking Humanist Democratic Centre, told the daily publications, “It is really highly complicated to determine financial flows and the actual activities of these organizations.” He went on, “Transparency is a problem in this regard.”

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