Federal ministers do not want snap elections

Federal ministers do not want snap elections
Federal politicians say snap elections are not the way forward.

On Wednesday, several federal ministers, before the beginning of the consultation committee, rejected the holding of snap elections, following Charles Michel’s resignation. The Minister of Justice, Koen Geens, (Flemish Christian Democrats) in particular reiterated his support for the Prime Minister, and was surprised that a broad consensus for this was not achieved in parliament on Tuesday.

He comments, “If I heard the party presidents on the radio this morning right, few parties are actually demanding snap elections. He goes on, “It is all the more surprising, given that a broad consensus was not reached on Tuesday.” 

The Deputy Prime Minister, Kris Peeters, (of the Flemish Christian Democrats) added that it is not a matter of “making the country ungovernable.” He pursued, “We will continue to work hard to keep the country on track.” 

The Deputy Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo (Flemish Conservative-Liberals) also repeated that snap elections were not on the agenda. He further said, “I have no intention to split the country. We do not have to launch ourselves into election fever for eight months. The objective of the New Flemish Alliance has become clear in recent days, by linking the budget approval to a vote on an article of the Constitution, which will lead both to confederalism and the division of the country.”

The Minister for Energy, Marie-Christine Marghem (Liberal-Conservative Liberals Reformist Movement) moreover pointed the finger at Ecolo, which she accuses of having played an “absurd” role in the resignation of Charles Michel. She pursued, “It is surprising that Ecolo presented a motion of recommendations in the morning, in support of the government, and then a motion of “no confidence” in the afternoon. It is peculiar, not say totally absurd.”

At the beginning of the consultation committee, only the Flemish Minister President, Geert Bourgeois (of the nationalist New Flemish Alliance) argued in favour of snap elections.

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