Hundreds of fake dog excrement appears in Wallonian town

Hundreds of fake dog excrement appears in Wallonian town

Marketgoers in Wavre faced an unpleasant surprise on Wednesday morning as they were forced to navigate piles of dog excrement in front of the town hall. 

The culprit? City authorities, and fake excrement made of brown paint, pine cones and cardboard.

This stunt was part of a vast action to raise citizens' awareness of maintaining cleanliness in the city, coordinated by the city.

"The abundance of dog excrement is a real problem in our city," said Sophie Chavée, head of communication at the city. The City of Wavre has therefore decided to hit hard in order to reach and raise awareness among people it may never reach with its actions and communications, she added.

Police also came to remind people of the consequences of not picking up after pets. 

"We remind you that in case of forgetfulness or negligence, the owner of the animal risks an administrative fine the amount of which is fixed by the municipality," said Chief Inspector Marc Pinte, according to reports.

"It is representative of some sidewalks of Wavre" a resident of the town told RTBF.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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