Belgian heatwave: what to expect on Thursday

Belgian heatwave: what to expect on Thursday
Ice cream might be a wise choice. Credit: Pixabay

Temperatures will rise to 39 degrees on Wednesday afternoon and up to 40 degrees in some areas on Thursday, according to the latest Royal Meteorological Institute weather report.

Thursday will have few clouds at first, but medium-altitude cloud banks will move in from France during the day. A few localised cloudbursts by the end of the day are not to be ruled out, especially in the western half of the country.

The heat will be scorching, with highs of about 38 or 39 degrees in the centre, and up to 40 in some areas. Even the Coast can expect maximum temperatures of over 35 degrees. On Thursday evening and through the night, there will be few clouds and the weather will continue to be dry. Minimum temperatures will remain high, with most regions registering lows between 23 and 25 degrees.  

On Friday, the weather will become unstable, with isolated thunderstorms by the end of the day. Highs will range from 24 degrees by the sea to 38 degrees in Kempen (Campine).

The weather will worsen during the weekend, with occasionally heavy thunderstorms. Highs will be up to 26 degrees.

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