Three arrested after burned and beheaded body found in Liege

Three arrested after burned and beheaded body found in Liege
A burned and headless body was found buried in a forest near the town of Amonines, to the south of Liege. Credit: Google Street View

Three people have been arrested in connection to the discovery of a burned and decapitated body that was buried in a forest near the city of Liege last week.

Public prosecutors said that on August 8, a burned and headless body in a "decaying state" was dug out from the forest near the village of Amonines, in a Luxembourg province to the south of Liège.

The initial findings of a forensic investigation launched at the weekend led authorities to identify the body as that of a Liège man named Ilyas Kösker, according to HLN.

Kösker, 44, left his home to sell his car, a black Volkswagen Golf, on June 28, after which he was no longer heard of, with federal police listing him as a missing person.

On Tuesday the Liège public prosecutor confirmed that three people in total had been arrested since the discovery was made.

One person was arrested around the start of the month, while two others were arrested at the end of last week, according to the Dutch-speaking outlet, which said the arrests had led investigators to Kösker's body.

While investigators have said that the man was killed in the Liège area and that his body was later taken to the forest near Amonines, no information has been released regarding the identities of the detainees or their possible connection to the man's death or disappearance.

The Liège public prosecutor said that the ongoing investigation will provide additional information by the end of the week.

Gabriela Galindo

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