Heat and ozone warning phase launched in Belgium

Heat and ozone warning phase launched in Belgium
The exact levels of o-zone are yet to be confirmed. Credit: © Belga

The warning phase of the Intense Heat and Ozone Peaks Plan was launched on Friday, Belgium’s Inter-regional Environmental Cell, Celine, announced.

The temperature will be above 28 degrees on Saturday and could reach or even top 30 degrees from Monday, Celine recalled.

These highs, along with very sunny weather and air pollution will increase ozone concentration levels in the air. However, it was still difficult at noon on Friday to tell whether the European information threshold for particles (180 µg/m³) would be exceeded.

This is the third time this year that the warning phase has been launched due to abnormal highs, after 21-30 June and 19-26 July.

The warning phase of Belgium’s High heat and Ozone Peaks Plan is automatically activated when a certain cumulative heat threshold is exceeded in the Royal Meteorological Institute, RMI, five-day weather forecast.

This phase serves, in particular, to inform the public, as well as public health and personal-care professionals so that they are particularly watchful and check reserves of liquids and room temperature within buildings.

It is also advisable to pay close attention to relatives and isolated persons, especially if they belong to a vulnerable group: elderly persons, the chronically ill, babies and infants.

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