Air quality remains a serious concern for office workers in Belgium

Air quality remains a serious concern for office workers in Belgium
The people who took part in the study came from varying industries. Credit: Pixino

Lack of light and poor air quality are the main sources of complaints at work, according to a recent survey by HR specialist Attentia.

Air that is too dry or polluted is a significant problem for 30.3 % of the respondents to an online survey of more than 14,000 office workers.

Air conditioning units running at full speed due to the hot weather were identified as one of the causes. While they provide cooling, the air becomes drier as a result, the HR company explains to Het Nieuwsblad.

This then leads to complaints including irritation to the eyes, the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, and headaches.

The results also saw one in five employees also reported discomfort from a lack of fresh air, while 16% of office workers sometimes find it difficult to read the screen due to a lack of light.

According to Attentia, an inappropriate indoor climate also causes physical and mental discomfort.

One in three people working on a monitor in an office environment indicated that they regularly - at least once a week - suffer from headaches or feel dizzy. The same part also experiences tired, burning or watery eyes during or at the end of the working day. Slightly more than half of them also notice a decrease in concentration.

"Desk work or computer work is still often underestimated in terms of risks. However, many problems can be solved and attention to the indoor climate, in particular, can in many cases prevent worse", Sam De Metzeler, prevention advisor at Attentia.

Jules Johnston

The Brussels Times

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