New Flemish governmental formation almost there

New Flemish governmental formation almost there
Credit: Belga

Issues impeding governmental agreement in Flanders were fully discussed, and talks now focus solely on the budget, the negotiating teams suggested on the night of Sunday to Monday. An agreement is still expected by Monday morning.

The N-VA (New Flemish Alliance), CD (Christian Democrats) & V and Open VLD (Flemish Liberal Democrats) were united as of 10:00 AM on Sunday morning to negotiate the formation of a new government in the northern part of the country.

Purely substantial issues were put aside, so only the budget remains to be settled between the three parties.

Those close to Jan Jambon (N-VA) nuance, however, stating that adjustments of content could come up depending on how the budgetary discussions evolve.

Negotiators still intend to present an agreement on Monday morning. The new Minister-President should pronounce a government statement on Wednesday.

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