Brexit: No postponement this time, Johnson warns French president

Brexit: No postponement this time, Johnson warns French president
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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned Emmanuel Macron that there would be no postponement of Brexit, stressing that this is the "last chance" to get a deal, Downing Street spokesperson reported on Sunday. 

The head of the British government told the French president during a telephone conversation that "the EU should not believe, wrongly, that the UK would remain in the EU after 31 October." 

Boris Johnson reiterated that he would not request again to postpone Brexit, even though a recent law passed by the British Parliament obliges him to do so if an agreement with the EU is not reached. 

This law was described as an "act of surrender" by Johnson, who believes it weakens the British position in Brexit negotiations. 

"The UK has made a large offer, an important one, but it is time for the (European) Commission to show a willingness to compromise," the Downing Street source said. 

"If this is not the case, the United Kingdom will leave without an agreement. The law of capitulation and its authors are undermining the negotiations but if European leaders are betting that it will prevent a “no deal”, they would commit a historical error of understanding," the source added. 

The plan for Brexit presented by Johnson on Wednesday was received with scepticism by Brussels, which saw several "problematic" points. He spoke this weekend with several European leaders including the Finnish, Dutch and Portuguese, and with the French President. 

With less than a month from the UK release date from the European Union and with the next EU summit scheduled for 17-18 October, Johnson told Macron that this was the "last chance to reach an agreement - what each party wants - so that we can move on and build a new partnership between the UK and the EU," Downing Street spokesperson said. 

"But for this to happen, the EU must make compromises, just as the UK has in recent weeks and months," Johnson said. 

He assured that the project has the support of Parliament, contrary to the Brexit agreement negotiated by former PM Theresa May — rejected three times by the deputies. 

The French president told Boris Johnson that the negotiations would be evaluated "at the end of next week to assess the feasibility of an agreement " on the Brexit, the Elysee said.

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