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Brussels’ tap water contains no more chlorine than usual

Credit: Public Domain

The composition and origin of the tap water in Brussels have not changed since the beginning of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, Vivaqua, the inter-municipal company responsible for the distribution of running water in the region, said.

In the face of “malicious individuals spreading the false information that customers should no longer use tap water,” the company posted a reminder on its Facebook page, stressing that the tap water in Brussels contains the usual amount of chlorine needed to ensure its drinkability.

“Chlorine doses are limited to what is strictly necessary,” Vivaqua said. “Additionally, the composition and origin of the drinking water in our distribution network have not changed since the corona measures,” it added.

“Consumers can, as always, use and drink tap water with complete confidence,” Vivaqua said on its website. “Chlorine is reduced to the strictly necessary dose and meets the standards laid down by legislation: one litre of tap water can contain a maximum of a quarter of a milligram of chlorine. Our laboratory checks the chlorine levels in the water 24 hours a day,” it added.

Vivaqua also confirms that a daily analysis of the water is carried out and that there is no question of delivering water that exceeds health standards.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times