People with non-coronavirus illnesses urged to call their doctor
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People with non-coronavirus illnesses urged to call their doctor

Credit: Belga

People with non-coronavirus related health problems should not hesitate to consult their doctor, said inter-federal spokesman Yves van Laethem on Monday.

“In several countries, and in Belgium too, there is a fear of consulting one’s doctor for reasons other than coronavirus,” Van Laethem said. As a result, the health of people with recurring problems, such as diabetes, is deteriorating.

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People faced with a new health problem should call their general practitioner, who will, if necessary, make an appointment at their office or hospital department. “We shouldn’t be afraid to go there, because the waiting rooms won’t be congested thanks to this appointment system,” Van Laethem stressed. The basic rules of hygiene still apply, such as disinfecting one’s hands upon arrival and wearing a face mask in the waiting room. “If you don’t have one, you will receive one on the spot,” Van Laethem clarified.

For emergencies, 112 can still be reached.

Finally, for any questions about medicine, “contact your pharmacist, who is best able to answer you, or your doctor,” concluded the infectious disease expert.

GPs have been allowed to screen patients for coronavirus since Monday, though an association of doctors unions has lamented the lack of adequate equipment for this testing.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times