Coronavirus: child with Kawasaki symptoms dies in France

Coronavirus: child with Kawasaki symptoms dies in France
Credit: Belga

A nine-year-old child suffering from symptoms similar to those of Kawasaki disease was the first of this type to die in France, Belga News Agency reported on Friday.

Scientists believe the Kawasaki disease is linked to the new coronavirus (Covid-19). Usually occurring in children under 5, symptoms of Kawasaki disease include a high fever that lasts for 5 days or more, a rash and swollen neck glands.

The French child, who died of “neurological damage related to cardiac arrest,” had “serology showing that he had been in contact” with coronavirus, but had not developed the disease’s symptoms, said Professor Fabrice Michel, head of the pediatric intensive care unit of La Timone in Marseille.

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New York City mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday expressed concern over the disease, which has affected at least 73 children in the State of New York according to Governer Andrew Cuomo. New York is heavily affected by the coronavirus.

Several cases of the disease have also been reported in Belgium.

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