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Heatwave: Thunderstorms expected for the end of the week

Credit: Pixabay

Those struggling to beat the heat in Belgium have some good news ahead of them, following an announcement from the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) of storms to wrap up the week.

Temperatures, which are expected to peak at 32 °C on Friday, should fall again as thunderstorms erupt during the night from Friday to Saturday, leaving variable weather in their wake.

On Saturday, intermittent rain and clouds are expected across the country, with a chance of local storms. In the afternoon, the weather will generally become dry, with more clear skies. Highs will still be around 25 °C in the centre of the country, often with a moderate south-westerly wind.

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By Sunday, clouds and rain are expected to bring cooler temperatures, with peaks around 21 °C in the centre. 

The Brussels Times