1 in 2 Belgians became better cooks during the lockdown

1 in 2 Belgians became better cooks during the lockdown
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One in two Belgians report that their cooking skills have improved during the lockdown, according to new study by HelloFresh.

In addition, 72% of Belgians tried new recipes through the lockdown, HelloFresh discovered, and “a fourth of respondents have expanded their repertoire of (healthy) recipes,” HelloFresh said in a press release.

Only 30% reported snacking more, while 44% of respondents said they make more vegetables since the lockdown and 35% make more balanced meals.

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The increase in healthy eating was more significant in Wallonia than in Flanders, according to HelloFresh, with 45% of Walloons reportedly eating more fruits and vegetables, as opposed to 37% of Flemings.

Belgians are also taking more inspiration from international cuisine, with one in five actively looking for international recipes. HelloFresh users mostly chose Italian dishes this year, but Asian dishes rose most in terms of popularity.

“Corona clearly changed our lifestyle and made us think about day-to day things in life,” HelloFresh said. A quarter of Belgians will cook at home more, mainly because it means eating more healthily and it allows for more freedom, according to the research. Millennials, in particular, will cook at home more, the study showed.

Finally, 30% of respondents said they would pay more attention to letting less food go to waste, and the lockdown has caused increased attention to local and seasonal products.

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