Weather Report: Dry Sunday afternoon, but more rain to come

Weather Report: Dry Sunday afternoon, but more rain to come
Credit: Jules Johnston/The Brussels Times

Sunday afternoon is expected to be dry, with clear skies mixed with some cloud cover, according to the latest forecast from the Royal Meteorological Institute, RMI.

The weather will be milder, with highs ranging from 10°C in Hautes-Fagnes to 18°C in the west, while the wind will become more moderate, coming in from the north.

Sunday night could be misty, with some fog-bank formation. The clouds will increase gradually, and some drizzles could occur in the north of the country in the latter part of the night.

Temperatures will drop to between 5°C and 14°C, depending on the location, and the wind will die down, except along the coast, where it will increase, becoming quite strong as it blows in from the north-northwest.

On Monday, the rainy spells will return, especially in the eastern half of the country. Highs will range from 12°C to 19°C.

Tuesday will see a few showers alternating with clear spells. The temperature will be similar to the previous day.

On Wednesday, the weather will remain generally dry until evening.

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