Belgian Burger King wants a Michelin Star

Belgian Burger King wants a Michelin Star
Burger King is aiming for expansion in Belgium's major cities during 2017.© Belga

In a move nobody was expecting, the CEO of Burger King Belgium has officially launched a campaign to get the much-coveted Michelin Star for the latest creation of the American burger chain.

In a new advertising campaign containing a letter addressed to inspectors of the Michelin Guide, Kevin Derycke outlines his case for the award for the latest creation – the Master Burger.

“It is true that at Burger King you will not find silver cutlery, satin tablecloth or parking at the entrance,” explains Derycke. Instead – he adds – you will find absorbent napkins, eating with your hands and a drive-through which means you can take them away “to eat them on a satin tablecloth with silver cutlery if that makes you happy.”

Credit: Burger King

This tongue in cheek cry is a world away from the regular entrants to the Michelin guide, which is famous for a little red book rating restaurants from one (very good) to three (exceptional) stars. Awarding Burger King a star in Belgium would add to the 139 stars already awarded in the country, led by the only three-star Hof van Cleve in Kruishoutem in East Flanders.

Burger King’s Master Burger – according to Derycke – is the representation of “everything we stand for” and eligible for such acclaim. According to the Belgian menu, the burger is available in a Master Angus, and Master Bacon Angus.

In order to prove it, he calls upon the inspectors to try the food, asking if they have many places in their guide “that can serve exceptional dishes in just five minutes, all guaranteed without having to book three months in advance?”

Determined to get noticed, the campaign has already been widely shared by the company, appealing to its fanbase by posting on social media and creating a petition.  The new burger is already available in restaurants.

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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