Search begins for 'Best Shrimp Croquette in Brussels'

Search begins for 'Best Shrimp Croquette in Brussels'
The best of the best of prawn croquettes will be judged later this year. Credit: su-lin/Flicker

The 2020 edition of the competition for the best shrimp croquette in Brussels is underway, with the announcement of the contenders for the 2020 contest to be held later this year.

Establishments wanting to take part in the 2020 edition have been able to submit their application since early June, in an effort to claim the title of "Best Shrimp Croquette in Brussels"  from Fernand Obb Delicatessen, which has held the award since its creation 2018.

The 19 entrants, who will be judged by a jury including the chef of Fernand Obb, come from across the Brussels Capital Region, and are required to offer home-made shrimp croquettes on the menu. Each entry will be awarded points based on several criteria - including crunchiness, taste and prawn quality - with a new winner crowned on 21 November 2020.

This year the entrants are:

  • Beaucoup Belge,
  • La Cave à Manger I Winery,
  • 1040,
  • Bruxelles Royal Yacht Club (BRYC),
  • Brasseries Georges, Live
  • Central Park,
  • Beaucoup Fish,
  • Chez Soje,
  • Ma Jolie,
  • Les Caves d'Alex,
  • LOLA,
  • Le Villance,
  • Patatak,
  • Le Patio,
  • Nüetniegenough,
  • L’Improbable,
  • Food truck 'Chez Gaspard',
  • Jules & Charles
  • Le Tournant.

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