Coronavirus: Over 100 march in anti-curfew protest in Liège

Coronavirus: Over 100 march in anti-curfew protest in Liège
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Over one hundred demonstrators took to the streets of Liège on Tuesday in defiance and protest of the regional coronavirus curfew.

Police said around 150 demonstrators spilt into the streets of the Walloon city after 10:00 PM, the moment where the region's late-night curfew kicks in.

The demonstrators gathered on the left bank of the Meuse river and marched in the direction of the city centre, on the opposite river bank.

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Footage shared on social media showed protesters, many wearing masks, marching through the city with signs and lit-up smoke grenades, in a sporadic and leaderless demonstration aimed at the imposition of Covid-19 restrictions seen as "antidemocratic."

Demonstrators also aimed to underscore the need for better financing of the country's health care sector as well as to draw attention to the impacts of a new round of restrictions on citizens' mental health, according to local media.

The demonstration unfolded peacefully with police standing by and reporting no arrests by the time the demonstrators dispersed, at around 11:30 PM.

Both Wallonia and Brussels imposed a late-night (10:00 PM - 6:00 AM) coronavirus curfew in late October, deciding to tighten the nationwide curfew, in application still only in Flanders, which kicks in at midnight.

Gabriela Galindo

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