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Third wolf in two months gets hit by car in Limburg

Credit: Pixabay

A wolf was hit by a car in Oudsbergen in the province of Limburg on Wednesday morning.

A police patrol was driving when the car in front of them hit the wolf. “The police could still avoid the animal, but the car behind them could not,” VRT reports. The wolf subsequently disappeared into the surrounding nature.

Police then notified the Flemish Nature and Forest Agency and the Nature Help Centre, prompting a search for the wolf involving a drone linked to a thermal camera, as well as tracking dogs.

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The wolf was not found, and the search party presumes it is still alive.

It is the third wolf to be hit by a car in Limburg in a few months time, according to VRT. The previous two were cubs of ‘wolf couple’ August and Noëlla. Both cubs lost their lives in the accidents.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times