Police warns of Covid-19 scam involving fake nurses

Police warns of Covid-19 scam involving fake nurses
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Fake nurses claiming to be sent to take Covid-19 tests are coming to people’s homes and robbing their victims, the federal police warned on Wednesday.

The targets are often older people living alone, the police said, adding that “usually two ladies between the ages of 25 and 30 commit the facts. They have dark hair and often wear gloves and a face mask.”

One nurse administers a coronavirus test (“with unsuitable material and in poor conditions,” the police noted) to the victim in the bathroom, while the other searches the rest of the home for money and valuables to steal.

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Such crimes have been recorded in the provinces of Namur, Walloon Brabant, Liège and Charleroi, as well as in the province of Limburg, according to the police.

In Limburg, the prosecutor's office spread images of two suspects in July after they made several robbery attempts in a day, two of which were successful.

After stealing bank cards, the fake nurses called the victims posing as bank employees who wanted to block their cards, to try and discern their pin codes, police reported.

The fake nurses are not the only coronavirus related scam being used. To give one example, a 13-member online gang that had tricked at least 46 victims out of a combined €150,000 during the first lockdown was arrested a few months ago.

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