Train attendant attacked by smoking passengers: investigation launched

Train attendant attacked by smoking passengers: investigation launched
Credit: Federal police/screengrab

The Belgian federal police have spread footage of two young people attacking a train attendant in a station just outside of Brussels, in an attempt to gain more information about their identities.

The images were made at the Braine l’Alleud train station, about 20 kilometres south of Brussels, in the Walloon Brabant province, and date back to last summer, on 9 August around 11:15 PM.

According to the police, the two attackers belonged to a group of five people, who were smoking on a train from Brussels-North to Nivelles.

“They were caught by the train conductor, who asked them to get off at Braine l’Alleud station,” the police announcement reads. “Two persons of the group did not intend to follow the order and physically confronted the train conductor.”

“They spit on him and tried to kick him. The train conductor then got off the train and tried to identify the young man with the orange T-shirt,” the police said.

“However, the man with the white T-shirt came along and both men violently pushed the train attendant. He again addressed the man with the white T-shirt who had attacked him, and was then forcibly pushed against the train.”

According to the police description, the first offender is skinny and has dark hair. He was wearing an orange T-shirt and dark trousers. He was also carrying a black bag with a shoulder strap.

Credit: Federal police

The second perpetrator was smaller than the first, with light brown hair and wearing a cap of a light colour. He was wearing blue jeans, a white T-shirt and white sneakers. He was also carrying a black waist bag.

Credit: Federal police

The police are asking the three other people who were part of the group to come forward as witnesses.

The third group member was a young woman of around 20 years of age. She is skinny, and had long blond hair. She wore a white top, blue jeans shorts and a brown shoulder bag.

The fourth member was a man of approximately 25 years old. He is of athletic built, has brown short-cut hair and a beard. He was wearing a blue sleeveless T-shirt with white lines and dark trousers.

The last person appears to have brown hair, according to the police description. He was wearing a white T-shirt with a dark band on the shoulders and sleeves, beige shorts with pockets and a brown backpack. He also had an electric scooter with him.

Credit: Federal police

Anyone with more information is asked to contact the police via the free number 0800/30.300 or via an online form.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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