Seven people tested positive in a Ghent school, one with UK variant

Seven people tested positive in a Ghent school, one with UK variant
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Seven people tested positive for Covid-19 in two sections of a school in Ghent, the Flemish city said Monday.

One of them contracted the British variant. Ten kindergarten classes have been quarantined and the entire school will be tested on Tuesday.

Two kindergarten students, one primary school student and four teachers tested positive for the coronavirus on Monday. One of them is infected with the British variant of the virus. Covid-19 had already been detected in a person at the school the week before.

The Ghent authorities decided not to disclose the name of the school to avoid panic. “Last week we launched a targeted screening operation using rapid tests and placed classes in quarantine,” said Elke Decruynaere, alderman for Education, stressing that the measures of distancing and bubbles have always been well respected.

“Since one person has tested positive for the British variant, we will do a preventive screening of the whole school and we are ready to close part or all of the school if necessary. This decision was made in consultation with the school and experts,” she says.

Of the fifteen kindergarten classes in the school, ten are currently in quarantine.

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