Temperatures expected to drop to -15 degrees next week

Temperatures expected to drop to -15 degrees next week
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Dry weather and severe freezing are expected over week, with temperatures expected to drop as low as -15 degrees at night, according to the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI).

“The next few days will be very cold,” VTM weather reporter Frank Duboccage said. “We will have ice days, probably all week. That means that the temperature during the day will not rise above freezing.”

“There are even days with highs of -5, -6 degrees. And there will also be nights with -10 degrees or lower,” adding that the RMI even predicts drops to -15 degrees.

On Sunday evening and night, showers of rain will become snow, which will sometimes melt, and in some cases ice pellets. Temperatures will drop to as low as -1 degree in Belgian Lorraine and -6 degrees in Kempen, while winds will be slight to moderate, but still sustained along the coast.

The weather will be chilly and cloudy on Monday with a few bouts of light snowfall. Daytime temperatures of 0 to -6 degrees will be followed, at night, by readings as low as -11 degrees, in Kempen.

The influence of the polar currents will continue to be felt on Tuesday. Highs will be in the negative throughout the country, ranging from -7 degrees in the north of the country to -1 in Belgian Lorraine. Skies will be cloudy in the southern half of the country, with a risk of a few bouts of light snowfall.

Temperatures are not expected to climb above 0 during the day, and on Wednesday night, temperatures could even drop to -15 degrees in some places, the RMI reports.

This cold spell will last until next Saturday. However, from Tuesday, more sunny moments are possible, particularly in Flanders, with some clear skies breaking through the cloud cover.

“We may have an official cold-wave,” Duboccage said, adding that, for that to happen, we need five consecutive ice days, including at least three nights with minimum temperatures of -10 degrees or lower.

“We are going to get very close to that,” said Duboccage. “The last official cold-wave dates back to February 2012.”

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