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Belgium in Brief: Brussels Had Humanity For One Day

You never like to see this.

A charitable sounding decision to keep Brussels’ three largest train stations open around the clock to shelter homeless people from the freezing temperatures has been abandoned (disregarded? forgotten? you pick) less than 24 hours after it was first announced.

Across the country, temperatures are expected to drop to new lows, causing many to worry for the safety of the cities’ thousands of homeless people. In an unexpected move, it was decided that Brussels Central, Brussels North, and Brussels South would all stay open last night.

Unfortunately, it really didn’t last.

Yesterday, Brussels Minister Alain Maron said that the SNCB was evaluating the possibility of extending the measure for future nights with station managers.

Today it appears that the decision was made to not do so for all stations, while temperatures are expected to drop as low as -12 with snow.

Yesterday you couldn’t avoid the news that this was happening.

Today the conversation is playing out in Twitter replies… while temperatures are expected to drop as low as -12 with snow.

Yesterday temperatures were below freezing.

Today… yeah, as I said, temperatures are expected to drop as low as -12 with snow.

This means that the plan wasn’t even in effect for the coldest night.

So what do you think? Are shelters enough? Was the station more of a temporary solution? Let @johnstonjules know on Twitter.

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Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times