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Employers required to keep a register of persons at jobsite

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As part of the fight against the novel Coronavirus, the Consultative Committee decided on Wednesday to strengthen the monitoring of compliance with the telework obligation.

This obligation entails that the employees of all companies, associations or services need to work remotely unless the nature of their post or the continued management of their company, organisation, service or activities requires physical presence.

Employers will be required to keep a register of persons at the jobsite and the times when they are present.

Belgium’s National Social Security Office, ONSS, has now uploaded the electronic telework declaration form on its Internet site.

To strengthen the enforcement of this measure, all employers will need to inform the ONSS each month, starting in April, of the number of employees whose work cannot be done remotely during that month. Businesses that have multiple establishment units will need to indicate the number of workers per unit, the ONSS said.

The social inspection services will use this data as a point of reference to monitor compliance with the telework obligation.

“Any employees whose work can be done remotely but who are present at the workplace will need to justify their presence,” the ONSS warned.

The information submitted to the ONSS will also serve as a point of reference when the time comes to gradually lift the telecommuting obligation.

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