Belgium’s sunny weather expected to last all weekend

Belgium’s sunny weather expected to last all weekend
Credit: Jules Johnston/The Brussels Times

Belgium’s weather is expected to be fairly sunny with some high clouds from Thursday afternoon, according to the latest Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) forecasts.

Dry weather is expected across the country, with highs of between 8°C in the High Fens and 13°C in the west.

The good weather will continue into Friday despite a risk of low cloud over the areas near the Netherlands. Highs will vary between 9°C in the High Ardennes and 14°C in the west.

On Saturday, the weather will remain dry with sunny spells and cloudy patches. Highs will vary between 10°C in the High Fens, 13 or 14°C in the centre.

Dry weather and sunny spells are also expected for Sunday, with highs of between 9 and 14°C, with a northeasterly wind that will remain moderate inland but can be quite strong along the coast.

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