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Belgium in Brief: Brussels’ 2h curfew

Brussels residents will be facing an odd situation on Friday night. 

At 10:00 PM, you have to be home due to the curfew currently active in the region. 

Breaking the curfew – which has now been in place for months – would mean facing fines of up to €250.

So you probably shouldn’t do it. If you felt like a late-night walk, I would suggest you wait two hours and try again.

Confused? Let me explain:

Under Belgium’s latest measures, the same curfew rule is being phased out from Saturday, meaning that by midnight you’re free to roam the streets as long as you do it in small enough groups. 

“This is a Belgian joke, and not even a good one,” Brussels MP Gilles Verstraeten said on Flemish radio on Thursday morning. “My tolerance limit for such absurdities has reached its lowest point by now.”


Will you be going home for a nap before roaming the streets? 

Will you instead save your energy for when you can go to a terrace? 

Or is this all hypothetical because you’ll already be in bed? 

Let me know: @johnstonjules.

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