Belgium in Brief: How Was Your Weekend?

Belgium in Brief: How Was Your Weekend?

Did you go out to a terrace this weekend? How was it? 

Today we’re looking to Belgium in Brief readers to understand better how the city (and country) reopened as a whole. 

My experiences in the city centre were primarily wet and windy, but I have to say there was an energy about Brussels.

Tension? Relief? A desire to get inside? Different people experienced different things. 

Flagey may have dominated headlines, but I want to know how things looked beyond the viral posts. 

Different parts of the city went in different directions with their opening, so: 

How was your experience? 

Calm or concerning? 

Let @johnstonjules / know.

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1. Number of people dying in Belgium due to coronavirus continues to drop

The number of people in Belgium dying as a result of a coronavirus infection on a daily basis is continuing to drop, according to figures from the Sciensano Public Health Institute updated on Monday morning. Read more.

2. ‘Completely at odds with suggestions’: experts divided over Flanders’ summer plan

Tomorrowland, pencilled in for mid-August: © Visit Flanders

Opinions from the GEMS advisory group are divided on the Flemish government’s “Freedom Plan” to allow relaxations in the region throughout this summer. Read more.

3. Mass clashes with police at after-party in Brussels

The re-opening of cafe terraces from 8:00 AM on Saturday morning had little calming effect on spirits as the cafes closed by order at 10:00 PM and the result was a mass of people, ignoring Covid restrictions, and clashes with police. Read more.

4. ‘Your parcel is on the way’: Bpost warns of new text scam

Credit: The Brussels Times

People in Belgium have been warned of a new scam text being sent out to mobile phones across the country which asks people to click a link because their “parcel is on its way”. Read More.

5. Fairground sector to give Verlinden legal notice for reopening on 1 June

The Belgian fairground sector on Monday called on two lawyers to put the Federal Home Affairs Minister, Annelies Verlinden, on notice to reopen the fairs on 1 June at the latest.

After being closed for six months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and with no perspective being given to the industry during the previous Consultative Committees, it has decided to take action. Read More.

6. Beautiful summer in sight ‘if we are extra careful now,’ warns Vandenbroucke

With the “Freedom plan” proposed by the Flemish government this weekend, Belgium could have a beautiful summer, but only if everyone is extra careful now, according to Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke. Read More.

7. Cut down on rubbish collections in Brussels, says audit

The Brussels waste management agency Bruxelles-Propreté (ABP) should cut down on the number of rubbish collections it delivers, in order to become more efficient, according to an audit carried out by business consultancy Berenschot. Read More.

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