Belgium in Brief: This Isn't Just Another Timeline

Belgium in Brief: This Isn't Just Another Timeline

Today, this intro will be brief, mostly because I feel like I would just be repeating things better explained below.

However, I wanted to take a second to talk timelines because we've had a few by this point.

Hot off of the heels of the plan revealed at the weekend by Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon, this new timeline for Belgium is potentially going to carry us right the way through to... well.. freedom?

Now that's a lot. As always, there are so many things that could change in the coming months that could bump us from the current plan to return things to normal from September.

It relies on a lot of factors outside of our individual control.

Other people need to follow the rules, not just you.

Vaccines need to happen, but you don't know when yours is coming.

Facing another summer of rules and regulations can seem pretty bleak, but there's one thing to keep in mind.

This new timeline feels like the most information we've had in over a year. The closest we've got to a deadline.

So, what do you think of the latest announcements? Overly ambitious or just what we needed?

Let @johnstonjules / know.

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1. Cheat Sheet: How Belgium Leaves Lockdown

Belgium will officially relax its current coronavirus restrictions in several stages over the coming months, as part of a wider summer plan. Here are the basics.

2. Travel Guide: Are YOU allowed into Belgium?

Credit: Pixabay

The past few months in Belgium have been complicated, but things are starting to look hopeful.

So hopeful, in fact, that people might start wondering if they can visit Belgium - a question easier to answer in theory than in practice.

Not so up-to-date with the current Covid-19 travel regulations in Belgium anymore? Here are the facts.

3. Belgium expects clarity on EU travel rules within three weeks

Belgium will have to wait two or three more weeks before it will have clarity on the rules for travel this summer, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said at the Consultative Committee on Tuesday. Read more.

4. Yes to kissing, no to social distancing and face masks: Pukkelpop wants a full-fledged festival

Credit: Pukkelpop Festival/Facebook

Following the announcement from Belgium's federal government on large-scale events on Tuesday, Pukkelpop has announced it will continue this year at full capacity, or 66,000 visitors a day. Here's more.

5. Age limit lowered to 41 in four Brussels vaccination centres

Brussels residents aged 41 and over can now register at four vaccination centres in the region, the Common Community Commission (COCOM) confirmed to the Belga agency on Tuesday. Read More.

6. Poll: Almost half are keen to get back to the workplace

Nearly half of Belgian employees will be happy to go back to the workplace half-time, as soon as it is possible to do so, according to a poll carried out by HR consultant Acerta and jobs website StepStone. Read More.

7. Belgian city fires call centre employee who helped friends and family jump the vaccination queue

The city of Diest in Flemish Brabant fired a staff member who, as an employee at the vaccination centre’s call centre, illegally booked an appointment for colleagues, friends and family members, according to a press release on Tuesday evening. Read More.

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