Belgium in Brief: Writing Into The Wind

Belgium in Brief: Writing Into The Wind

When the country is on holiday, working in local news feels a little like being in an old western movie.

The protagonists have just rolled into town, and the first thing they see is tumbleweeds. That’s where we’re at, only extended across multiple days.

It’s not that there isn’t news; it’s just that what little news there is to write about doesn’t compete with the other options presented to a reader.

You could read about bikes, or go ride one.

Want to know why your beer tastes different? No? Ah – you’ve just gone for one.

The Royal Greenhouses are open… you already heard? Oh.

Ok then. Let’s check back in on Monday.

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1. Cheat Sheet: How Belgium Leaves Lockdown

Belgium will officially relax its current coronavirus restrictions in several stages over the coming months, as part of a wider summer plan. Here are the basics.

2. Summer festivals: What’s on, off or different?

Following the announcement from Belgium’s federal government on large-scale events on Tuesday, Pukkelpop has announced it will continue this year at full capacity, or 66,000 visitors a day. Here’s more.

3. Aerial photos reveal more than 5,000 illegal solar installations

Fluvius, the energy network manager for electricity and gas in all of Flanders, has discovered 5,300 illegal solar power installations, simply by examining aerial photographs. Read more.

4. Travel Guide: Are YOU allowed into Belgium?

Credit: Pixabay

The past few months in Belgium have been complicated, but things are starting to look hopeful.

So hopeful, in fact, that people might start wondering if they can visit Belgium – a question easier to answer in theory than in practice.

Not so up-to-date with the current Covid-19 travel regulations in Belgium anymore? Here are the facts.

5. Flemish zoo seeks new home for 200 reptiles

An association of Flemish zoos is currently looking into a new home for the 200 exhibitions formerly housed in Belgium’s only reptile zoo. Read More.

6. Over one-third of French speakers in Belgium would refuse coronavirus vaccine

Around 38% of French speakers in Belgium would refuse a coronavirus vaccine, compared to 20% of Flemish people, according to the motivation barometer of the UGent, UCLouvain, and the University of Brussels (ULB). Read More.

7. Trapped child freed from Bpost parcel locker

An 11-year old from the Flemish city of Mechelen was the focus of a rescue by local emergency services on Wednesday after he became trapped in a Bpost parcel machine. Read More.

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