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The Recap: Mortality, Manhunt & Mosques

A heavy military presence in Limburg to search for the missing fugitive. © Belga

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State aid: Ryanair wins rare EU court victory in Luxembourg: Irish low-cost airline Ryanair has won its case to fight state aid granted by the Dutch government to KLM, and in a separate case, the state aid given by Portugal to TAP.

Three thousand fewer Brussels residents due to excess mortality and closed borders: The Brussels Region expects to record its first decrease in residents in a quarter of a century, reporting 3,000 fewer inhabitants in the Belgian capital in 2020, according to demographic forecasts from the Federal Planning Bureau and Statbel, shared by Brussels Minister Sven Gatz.

Coronavirus vaccination of people aged 16 and 17 in Belgium approved: All young people between the ages of 16 and 17 should be vaccinated against the coronavirus, the Superior Health Council in Belgium has recommended.

Coronavirus antibody treatment given to Trump approved for use in Belgium: The antibody cocktail treatment against the coronavirus, which was given to then-president Donald Trump last year, has been authorised for use in Belgium.

Teenager threatens to start school shooting in West-Flanders: A teenager took to social media threatening to start a school shooting on Thursday, resulting in a police investigation and the targeted school being closed for two days.

Limburg mosques close their doors for fear of missing gunman: A number of mosques in the province of Limburg have decided to remain closed today, as a precaution while the heavily armed military man Jürgen Conings remains at large.

Dutch and German police on standby in case manhunt for armed soldier crosses border: Dutch police have confirmed that special units are on standby in the Netherlands in case fugitive Jürgen Conings tries to cross the border and German troops have also been mobilised.

End of an era: Microsoft will stop supporting Internet Explorer next year: In about a year from now, on 15 June 2022, Microsoft will stop supporting the Internet Explorer browser on Windows 10, according to the company.

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