Belgium in Brief: Legal Recipes 

Belgium in Brief: Legal Recipes 

Imagine a world where every single dry legal text you read also had a recipe hidden in the text waiting for you to stumble upon it.

Well, Belgian readers, you already live in that world.

You see, Belgium’s love for gastronomic delights leaked into its legal world after an update to the online version of the country’s official journal included a recipe for white asparagus gratin.

Now, even if this may not be your dish of choice, you have to agree it probably made lawyer Morgan Moller’s day a lot brighter when he stumbled upon it in the francophone version of Moniteur Belge.

But why stop there? I want a taco recipe somewhere in my tax return, arancini from my Acerta bill. We’re facing a brave new world of government and legal bodies showing us what they want to cook, and I’m here for it.

I want Friday’s consultative committee to take a moment to tell us how De Croo makes stoofvlees, or how Jambon cooks his fish (note my restraint). Part of me still wants to know how Pascal Smet takes his endives, but my take on them is a touchy subject.

Is this the heat talking? Maybe, but we could all use a little lightness, and it’s pushing 30 degrees today.

So, what would you like to see in FPS gastronomy? Let @johnstonjules know.

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2. Reservations, fixed seats: How big-screen European Championship events will work

Events like this one in Limburg, organised in Belgium’s largest fan village ‘Festival Da Copa’ in 2018, will not be allowed this year. Credit: Festival Da Copa

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3. Asparagus gratin recipe accidentally included in Belgian legal text

“I have had it with people who say that the Moniteur Belge is useless,” Moller wrote on Twitter. “You can find everything in there: laws, determinations, recipes, you name it.” Read more.

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© Deliveroo

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