Belgium in Brief: But I Already Paid For This Package?

Belgium in Brief: But I Already Paid For This Package?

This year, many things happened to many people - kind of - but one of the big things for me was turning 30.


In an ordinary world, I would have gone home at some point, seen my friends and family and had a generally good time. Because of covid, however, I couldn't.

Not to be put off by a global pandemic, my nearest and dearest sent me gifts meant to soften the blow a bit, and they really did! A knock at the door on the days around the big day promised gifts ranging from the weird to the wonderful, it made a tough time a little bit better. 

And yet, every time I went to the door, I had to remember to grab my wallet in case I got hit by an import charge.

Now, thankfully, we've moved on a little since the initial post-Brexit madness that brought this issue screaming into the light for many of us. We have had to learn a lot about some rules we only knew vicariously, but I'll be the first to admit I've still been caught out a few times since. 

Ordering something online used to be easy - too easy - now it seems to come with a sting. I now have to wonder if my want for a particular item outweighs how much it could cost me in additional charges.

It does look like that might get a little easier, but the cost won't go away. 

So, what about you? 

Are you still shopping from overseas, or focusing more on the EU?

Let @johnstonjules know.

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