Belgium in Brief: People Watch What They Watch

Belgium in Brief: People Watch What They Watch

The news that the European Union is thinking of reducing the number of British TV shows and films broadcast by TV stations as an after-effect of Brexit has me thinking about my viewing habits quite a bit.

As a consumer of English language media, I’ll happily say I watch way more American shows because – to be honest – there are just more of them.

Maybe it’s my age, but I’ve never been a big TV watcher – which is essential here. 

If the rules say that European productions must make up a majority of programming on terrestrial TV channels and at least 30% on on-demand platforms like Netflix, does that in any way guarantee people will change their viewing habits? 

Streaming services have massively adapted how people consume media, and if you scrap shows from the UK that people have come to expect, there’s likely a high chance they’ll just stream it (in a best-case scenario).

When we look at streaming services in Belgium, we can still see a market dominated not by America. There are some British shows in the mix, but they are not the main feature and never will be.

And even if you up the percentage of “European” works there, does that mean people will watch them? Or is it just a lot of work for nothing? 

I don’t watch standard TV, I binge shows, so maybe I’m just not getting this. 

Have you got another take? Let @johnstonjules know. 

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2. Traveller with fake PCR test at Brussels Airport sentenced to one year in prison

Credit: Belga

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The Orient Express. Credit: Belga

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5. EU plans to cut number of British TV and films shown after Brexit

The European Union has plans to reduce the number of British TV shows and film broadcast by TV stations in Europe as an after-effect of Brexit, the Guardian has revealed. Read more.

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