Belgium in Brief: The Summer Humblebrag

Belgium in Brief: The Summer Humblebrag

Picture a typical summer in Brussels.

Things are a little quiet, so you decide to go for a coffee at that little place only you go to.

It’s closed.

No problem, the owner works hard and has taken the day off. You get a coffee elsewhere and go back to work. 

Mid-morning rolls around, and you message a friend to grab lunch. They don’t reply. You think nothing of it. Back to work. 

You scroll through social media as the kettle boils, and then you see it. 

“Taking a break from Twitter for my holiday!”

Oh no. Surely it’s not that time already? Frantic, you log on to Facebook, and they’re everywhere. 

“Out of office, on. Time for holiday.”

“Bye Brussels, see you in a few weeks.”

“Home, you haven’t changed.”

It’s happened, and you didn’t even notice. You’ve accidentally stayed in Brussels for the summer, again.

You won’t be getting that coffee because the guy is shut for the next month. Grabbing a beer will be a pain because nobody is here. Your best plans to book a trip out of season might have saved you money, but at what cost? 

Thankfully, just at that moment, you get a WhatsApp from the friend you wanted to meet for lunch. 

The cocktail emoji and photo of a random beach tells you all you need. 

Sure, this might be a snapshot of better times, but I’d like to hope people will get away in 2021, even just for a bit. 

So what are your plans? Let @johnstonjules know – I’m looking for inspiration.

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1. Brussels approves plans for sustainable ‘climate’ district near canal

The City of Brussels has approved plans to transform the Van Praet neighbourhood to the northeast of the city along the canal into a sustainable district with a new school, a theatre and compact housing. Read more.

2. ‘A drop in the ocean’: Tomorrowland doesn’t have to repay €1.8 million Flemish aid

Credit: Belga

Tomorrowland does not have to pay back the full €1.8 million it received as aid from the Flemish government now that it will not take place this year, but this will not be enough to get the festival out of financial trouble. Read more.

3. Belgian banking will soon be done at the newsagent

As traditional banks move away from brick and mortar stores, a new solution is looking to ensure that customers can still do their banking needs in newsagents across Belgium. Read more.

4. Belgium appears twice in roundup of 50 best pizzerias in Europe

Credit: Aksel Lian via Pixabay

Two Belgian pizza places are making pizza to rival all their European (and British) neighbours, according to a 2021 roundup of the best pizza in Europe. Read more.

5. PFOS: Clean-up agreement with 3M is not legal, says MP

An agreement reached in 2017 between the contractor for a major public works contract and the 3M factory in Zwijndrecht near Antwerp is illegal, according to a Groen member of the Flemish parliament. Read more.

6. Internet subscriptions 30% more expensive in Belgium than in neighbouring countries

Surfing the internet is more expensive in Belgium than in many other European countries, a study by Belgian consumer protection association Test Achats, which analysed the Internet-only and combination subscriptions in eight countries, found. Read more.

7. 60% of coronavirus vaccine doubters changed minds, survey shows

Over 60% of coronavirus vaccine doubters who feared getting vaccinated at the beginning of the rollout in Belgium have changed their minds, according to the latest motivation barometer from UGent, UCLouvain and ULB. Read more.

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