Belgium in Brief: A Vaccine Hangover

Belgium in Brief: A Vaccine Hangover

Hey, would you look at that? I’m vaccinated, and I want to talk about it.

I mean, that’s what you kind of signed up for – me talking about things, and this is the most interesting thing that’s happened to me in weeks.

Living in Mechelen, my trip to the centre was pretty painless. From entering the door to a shot in my arm took roughly 4 minutes and – after my 15-minute wait – I was able to cycle home.

As with everything we’ve heard, it wasn’t until later on that I started feeling a little iffy. Now don’t take this as more than it is, I’m just looking to chat about these little quirks we’re all facing.

You see, in all honesty, I felt like I was facing up to a nasty hangover.

Disinterest in real foods? Yep.
Mild queasiness? Ja.
Just a little sore? Oui.
Feeling a little off? Jawohl.

As such, I went to bed early and called the day a write-off, safe in the knowledge I’d had my vaccine.

Now onto day two and I feel fine. My arm hurts a little, and talking to people about their experiences has got me thinking.

We should chat about these little quirks of this strange thing we’re all going through.

So, have you had your vaccine? How did it go for you?

Let @johnstonjules know, this is the most interesting thing to happen in a long time.

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1. Delta variant ‘spreading mainly through young people’, expert says

The Delta variant, which has been gaining ground in Belgium, is mainly spreading via young people, according to biostatistician Geert Molenberghs (UHasselt and KULeuven), as they are less likely to be fully vaccinated. Read more.

2. Four migrants on hunger strike in Brussels sew mouths shut

Four of the over 400 undocumented migrants who are on hunger strike in Brussels to demand collective regularisation have had their mouths sewn shut. Read more.

3. 80% of doctors in Belgium want compulsory vaccination for health care workers

Nearly 80% of doctors, specialists and general practitioners in Belgium, both French and Flemish, are in favour of compulsory coronavirus vaccination for carers based on an online survey launched at the beginning of June with 700 respondents. Read more.

4. 3M comments on pollution scandal: ‘We will accept our responsibilities’

American industrial group 3M has, for the first time, commented on the contamination of the ground around Zwijndrecht, Antwerp, with PFOS, which can cause all sorts of health problems, including cancer, after weeks of silence on the issue. Read more.

5. Up to 45 weeks between two doses could further boost AstraZeneca efficacy

An interval of several months between the first and second dose of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine could boost its immune response to the virus, according to a study published on Monday by Oxford University. Read more.

6. Commission asks airlines to improve Covid-19 cancellation policies

The European Commission, alongside several national consumer protection associations, called on airlines to improve their handling of flight cancellations in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. Read more.

7. Wallonia allows people to pick their second vaccine date

People in Wallonia will now be able to pick the date of their second vaccine, providing they are getting the Pfizer vaccine, Health Minister Christie Morreale announced Monday on Bel RTL. Read more.

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