Belgium in Brief: Fairly Unfair

Belgium in Brief: Fairly Unfair

So Flemish residents are now allowed to travel to Spain without having to present a negative Covid-19 test, a vaccination or immunity certificate?

That’s an interesting one when you take a step back and have a look.

This pandemic, for a multitude of reasons, has been pretty inconsistent in approaches as governments/international bodies try to get a handle on things – but they’ve always tried to make things as uniform as possible. Right?

Well, no. Different curfew rules already made quite a distinction between Belgium’s regions, while special rules for special cases meant that even when travel was banned to certain places it wasn’t entirely banned.

Then again, who cares? Does any of this need to be fair? Or does it need to be effective?

The common phrase – at least in Belgium – is that they don’t want to give preferential treatment to the vaccinated, which is all fair and good if there’s a valid reason. When it starts to get a little messy is when we start to think about consistency.

Isn’t letting Flanders travel without any restrictions (because of a high vaccination rate) still just preferential treatment… albeit not put in place by Belgium?

What’s your take? Does it even matter?  Let @johnstonjules know.

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