Belgium in Brief: Belgium Is Open (Mostly) 

Belgium in Brief: Belgium Is Open (Mostly) 

Belgium is officially throwing open its doors to welcome fully vaccinated people living in most non-EU countries (even if they are considered red travel zones). 

Mostly. Sorry for getting your hopes up there.

By now, this isn’t really breaking news, but it’s a reminder for those of you who missed it. You see, the world outside of Europe can now be split into two pretty clear categories, with some pretty clear rules.

Fine-But-Still-Red zones:

To be allowed entry into Belgium, non-resident third-country nationals need to:

  • Prove they have been fully vaccinated,
  • Provide a vaccination certificate approved by the Belgian authorities,
  • Be fully vaccinated for at least two weeks,
  • Have had a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Very High-Risk Zones:

  • They can’t get in.

No vaccination record, no tests, no tricks. If you are travelling from a very high-risk zone (including the UK) and you don’t reside in Belgium – you’re not getting in. 

This will hopefully change, but we have no idea when. 

How’s this impacting you? Let @johnstonjules know.

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