Belgium in Brief: Assume The Worst?

Belgium in Brief: Assume The Worst?

Planning a holiday? It's certainly a complicated thing at the moment. Let's take Portugal, as it's the flavour of the week for travel discussions.

Portugal is open. Wait, is it?

Wait. There are new rules.

WAIT. There are new "new rules." Maybe.

Travel has not been easy for a long time, but the new iteration makes it almost impossible to plan. We're looking at a situation where something could be entirely possible when you book a trip, only to fall apart at the last minute due to rules with a pretty solid backing.

Going into summer, we should all be thinking about trips. Many of us are vaccinated or on the way. Places are open, life is returning to normal, and yet I'm just not convinced.

Hell, I've got a week off soon, and I'm doing a staycation because it just seems... easier?

If Belgium is considering implementing stricter measures for tourists returning from Portugal, what's to say similar things don't come into play between now and whatever trip you plan next?

It's a lot to take in, and a stressor for many. Have you planned ahead? Or are we back in staycation mode? Let @johnstonjules know.

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1. Delta variant of coronavirus now dominant in Belgium

The Delta variant has become dominant in Belgium, as around half of the number of new infections are attributed to the particular strain, according to biostatistician Geert Molenberghs (from UHasselt/KU Leuven). Read More.

2. Jürgen Conings: ‘Serious errors’ made by military secret service, report finds

Credit: Belga

“It is unmistakable that serious errors occurred at all levels of the service, but also in the hierarchical line within Defence,” the report, of which parts were seen by Belga news agency, read. Read more.

3. Belgian epidemiologist wants to reopen clubs

Following the first nightlife test event in Brussels, an epidemiologist at the University of Brussels (ULB) has called on the government to completely reopen nightlife. Read more.

4. VisitWallonia vouchers gone in 18 minutes despite site bug

The VisitWallonia campaign which promised €80 worth of experiences in Wallonia for 25,000 people, sold out on Monday morning after just 18 minutes. Read more.

5. Covid-19: Experts expect fourth wave at the end of summer or autumn

Belgium can expect a fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic in September, or perhaps before the end of August, experts are predicting, according to De Morgen. Read more.

6. Man ditches 1 kilo of drugs during police chase

A police chase took place Saturday evening in the Liège region, resulting in the arrest of a man and a kilo of drugs dumped on the street. Read more.

7. Vaccinations: 1 million doses administered in Brussels

Brussels Region will have administered over one million doses of vaccines against Covid-19 by Sunday afternoon, the commission overseeing vaccinations noted. Read More.

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