Belgium in Brief: That Courgette Speaks French

Belgium in Brief: That Courgette Speaks French
I believe someone famous can be badly misquoted as saying, “would a courgette by any other geographic origin still taste like a courgette?”

Now firstly: yes, it probably would taste like a courgette, but if you’re lying about its country of origin, you might be in hot water – at least according to an investigation going on in France at the moment.

A French wholesaler stands accused of passing off Spanish products as French ones, which might leave you wondering why we care?

Well, for a start, it’s fraud.

You might periodically check where your produce came from in an effort to make a particularly boring dinner party more interesting, but investigators won’t be stepping in to tell you off for buying British bananas or Belgian limes.

No, what they care about is how some factors – like when something was harvested – can significantly impact the price of produce, meaning people can buy cheaper and sell higher if they flip the countries.

If Spain is out of season and France isn’t, then a lower-priced Spanish product is worth much more when you change its accent.

But what I want to know is this:

Do you think you ever would have noticed?  Let @johnstonjules know.

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