Belgium in Brief: Expat Names

Belgium in Brief: Expat Names
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Looking at the list of the top names in a country for the year puts things into perspective for expats.

We're really just a drop in the ocean here, at least among adults.

Will there ever come a time when the most common names are things like Tim? Lauren? Tony?

If babies' names are any indication, then maybe, but then again, names have a habit of quickly becoming part of local culture before you stop to think where they came from.

I know a few Scottish Grahams. I also know an American "Gram."

When I first moved to Belgium, I was told my name was fairly common - it is - but nobody pronounces the s.

So where's your name from? Ever thought about it? Or are you facing an existential crisis?

Let @johnstonjules know.

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1. Public prosecutor to fine airlines that don’t check coronavirus travelling documents

The public prosecutor’s office of Halle-Vilvoorde has said it will fine airline companies in Brussels Airport that do not check whether passengers have filled out a Passenger Location Form (PLF) or airlines let them board without a PLF. Read More.

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4. Vaccine manufacturer Moderna accused of tax evasion

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5. Brussels Airlines to stop greeting passengers with ‘ladies and gentlemen’

People flying with an airline of the Lufthansa group, including Brussels Airlines, will no longer be greeted with “ladies and gentlemen,” but with a gender-neutral alternative. Read more.

6. Belgium-based pharma company criticised for giving electric shocks to dogs

Animal Rights, a non-profit that protects animals, is organising a demonstration at Belgium-based Janssen Pharmaceutica to draw attention to the experiments carried out on dogs, which include giving them electric shocks. Read more.

7. The future of living: Book reading in the Citizens’ Garden of the European Parliament

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