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Look me in the eyes: refugee portraits appear in Brussels

Credit: Inside Out Project

A series of portraits showing 155 refugees from the Kara Tepe camp in Lesbos has been put up across Europe in an effort to “give refugees a voice through art.”

Set up in collaboration with the Inside Out Project and artist JR, “Europe Look Me In The Eyes is an initiative led by activists working on the island of Lesbos who wish to raise awareness through art to citizens of the need to change European policies on migration and asylum,” organisers explained.

The posters have been put up in several European cities, including Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Paris and Namur. In Brussels, the posters cover the facade of the MIMA art museum.

“Europe and the rest of the world cannot continue to turn a blind eye to this humanitarian crisis, nor deny their responsibility by providing these countries with charitable contributions,” Villy Tentoma, coordinator of actions in Europe told local media.