Belgium in Brief: Will EU Go To The UK?

Belgium in Brief: Will EU Go To The UK?
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Would you look at that? The UK is letting us back in again.

This new measure - which arrived with a bang or a whimper depending on who you spoke to - means that any fully-vaxed EU resident can get into the UK with minimal(ish) fuss.

For the Brits abroad, this is extra special news because they can return home - many for the first time in a long time - but here in Belgium the other side of things is still looking complicated.

As it stands, the UK's NHS Covid certificate is in a bit of a no man's land.

“Belgium has not yet confirmed that it will accept the UK solutions for demonstrating your COVID vaccination status,” the UK government travel advice explains.

“You should follow alternative advice for entry. Your NHS appointment card from vaccination centres is not designed to be used as proof of vaccination and should not be used to demonstrate your vaccine status.”

Not yet confirmed is, of course, wonderfully vague.

Is that someone hinting they know something? An expectation? Or simply nothing at all?

No idea, but we're trying to find out.

As with every step in this process, a change of rules has brought more questions you never considered, while leaving us a little in the dark over the questions we already had.

Got a question about this (or anything else) you wish there was an answer to?

Let @johnstonjules know.

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Credit: Canva

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