Belgium in Brief: Shrimp or Cheese Croquette?

Belgium in Brief: Shrimp or Cheese Croquette?

To this day, my best-read newsletter was the one when I asked the world at large how you felt about endives.

The hate I got for saying I didn't like them still sends a shiver down my spine and made me even surer that I am correct not to like them (I'll see you in my mentions).

But today, we're talking about another Belgian classic.

The Croquette. 

Don't worry, I'm not going to say I don't like them. That's impossible.  I am, however, coming out as a firm supporter of the cheese croquette as the best of the bunch.

Don't get me wrong, the shrimp one is good enough, but there's something fantastic about a deep-fried cheese sauce.

I know, this is a matter of personal taste, but I'm standing by this one. I'd go even further and name bitterballen the king of croquettes. But as I'm not entirely sure if they actually count as croquettes, I'll refrain from so bold a claim.

So, here I am stating my opinions and asking if you agree.

What's the best croquette? And where do you get it?

Let @johnstonjules know, he skipped breakfast.

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1. Bruges chef tackles a vegan version of a Belgian classic

A chef from Bruges has put her own touch to one of the country’s culinary classics with her own spin on the croquette, making the dish with vegan ingredients. Read more.

2. Abandoned Royale Belge building to get a makeover

Photo from the office of Pascal Smet.

An iconic Brussels building that formerly served as the Royale Belge will be transformed into a multifunctional space that features a restaurant, hotel and sports club, according to a press release from Pascal Smet, Brussels State Secretary for Urban Planning and Heritage. Read more.

3. A Belgian first: 1.3 tonnes of cocaine on a private jet

In the first case of its kind in Belgium, police earlier this week discovered 1.3 tonnes of cocaine intended for trafficking to Brussels Airport by private jet. Read more.

4. Brussels vaccination bus: August dates and locations

The Brussels-Capital Region has announced August dates and locations for visits of the Vacci-Bus, a bus that travels to different places within the City of Brussels in order to vaccinate people against Covid-19. Read More.

5. Hot air balloon crashes into trees near Charleroi

A hot-air balloon carrying 16 people crashed into a tree in Loverval, south-east of Charleroi, after being blown off course. Read More.

6. Bpost ropes in executives to help deliver Christmas packages

The boss of postal service Bpost has found a novel way of tackling the usual end-of-year increase in parcel traffic: use their own executives to deliver packages. Read more.

7. Organic farming on the rise in Belgium

The number of organic farms in Belgium increased by 4.9 percent last year, resulting in 7 percent of the country’s total agricultural areas being organic. Read more.

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