Restos du Cœur launch appeal for material for school pupils

Restos du Cœur launch appeal for material for school pupils
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With the new school year approaching, Restos du Cœur - a charity that primarily provides food packages to those in need - launched on Thursday a national appeal for donations to purchase materials for school pupils.

Due to the pandemic, this appeal will run exclusively online and the materials will be delivered to pupils in need in all areas of the country.

The charity, best known for its provision of food to those in need, is now calling on Belgians to "improve the well-being of the worst-off pupils".

"Restos du Cœur hopes that this virtual collection will help diminish the social imbalances that are already present in schools at the youngest age," explained Jean-Gérard Closset, president of the Restos du Cœur Federation, in a press release.

"Not only a right for everyone, education also plays a key role in combatting exclusion and social insecurity," Closset said. "By helping us to reduce these social differences, those donating can help pupils to flourish today and avoid social insecurity tomorrow."

Those wishing to make a donation are invited to visit the website where an interactive list of school materials can be found. Donations can also be made directly to the following account: BE44 2400 3333 3345 with "Rentrée 2021" as the reference.

This fundraiser follows numerous other charitable initiatives in the wake of the July floods in which at least 32 people died.

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