Belgium in Brief: Testing The Vaccinated

Belgium in Brief: Testing The Vaccinated
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Did you get vaccinated thinking you’d never have another stick poked up your nose again?

Me too.

However, it seems that for the time being this uncomfortable practice is here to stay as Belgium tightens its testing rules from 31 August – even for the fully vaccinated.

From then on, everyone – including those who had two jabs and thought they were safe – will have to get tested on day 1 and day 7 after they have had a high-risk contact.

But before the prospect of yet more restrictions spoils your lunch, it is worth adding that a negative result on day 1 means that you don’t have to quarantine before the day 7 test. But yes, you still need to take the second test. Sorry.

While the return to schools and the upcoming relaxations to other restrictions are expected to cause a slight rise in infection figures, I for one am hoping that Belgium’s high vaccination coverage means that the situation will remain largely stable, and my nostrils will be spared.

What do you think? Can you already feel a runny nose coming on?

Let @johnstonjules know. Or @maithechini, as she wrote it today.

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1. What Brussels is doing to increase its vaccination rate

As part of its efforts to decentralise vaccination to increase the coverage rate, vaccination points will be set up at pharmacies and pupils can get vaccinated at Dutch-speaking schools in Brussels. Read more.

2. Belgium tightens testing rules for the fully vaccinated from 31 August

Belgium is tightening its rules for people who have had a high-risk contact, even if they are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, from Tuesday 31 August. Read more.

3. Brussels extends stricter rules for hospitality sector until 30 September

While Flanders and Wallonia will lift almost all coronavirus rules in the hospitality sector from Wednesday, the Brussels-Capital Region will extend its current, stricter measures until the end of September. Read more.

4. Kabul suicide bombing: PM De Croo ‘horrified’

Belgian prime minister Alexander De Croo has said he is “horrified by the murderous attacks’ that took place yesterday at Kabul international airport. Read more.

5. Despite weather, Belgian coast welcomes nearly 4 million tourists this summer

The Belgian coast recorded about 3% more overnight stays this summer than in the summer of 2020, according to Westtoer, the autonomous provincial company for tourism and recreation in West Flanders that tracks such data. Read more.

6. Brussels to reopen nightclubs on 1 October

The nightclubs in the Brussels-Capital Region will reopen on 1 October, using the Covid Safe Ticket to make sure everything can happen safely, according to the federation for Brussels’ nightlife. Read more.

7. Liège chocolate maker gets temporary home from Flemish baker

One of the victims of the flooding in Wallonia in July was the chocolatier Galler, whose factory was situated on the banks of the Vesdre in Chaudfontaine in Liège province. Read more.

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